Why sidney crosby is better than

This is why Thornton and Burns beard talk, save that for the regular season. He totaled points in 76 games, for an average of 2.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Is Evgeni Malkin Better than Sidney Crosby?

Using that fear to fuel you to victory. Statistically, Crosby has been the more versatile NHLer. Interestingly, Trotz delivered on his promise to improve Ovechkin defensively without sacrificing offense, as his goals and shots actually increased year over year.

Interesting question, I guess, but the real issue is if it's not him, who is. This is why when a player like Burns or Thornton pre-grows a beard, it spits in the face of everything the playoffs stand for. He is playing the game light years ahead of his competition. Perhaps Toews' aforementioned significant edge is offensive zone starts over the last five years is the difference.

Drew Doughty has a secretary named Lincoln, too. Drafted first overall inSidney Crosby has just finished his 11th regular season, during which time he has scored goals on the way to points over games played. Look at last season when coach Adam Oates moved him from left wing to right wing.

Is Crosby better than Gretzky and Lemieux? It’s closer than you think

But one thing does stand out that gives the edge to McDavid long-term. That makes for a goals-per-game average of 0. And it conveniently ignores that Toews has gone up against Ryan Miller — who was abject from the second he got to St.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Is Evgeni Malkin Better than Sidney Crosby?

This includes a couple of games when he was injured. Ovechkin vote went so differently. The implication here is that the Stars might spend a decent amount of money this offseason. So which is it. Jagr leads to and needs two goals to tie Mario Lemieux for ninth on the all-time list.

Sidney Crosby Better Than Ovechkin in NHL’s Great Debate

Over the last five years, Crosby's team has scored For all the knocks on his defensive play, Ovechkin had a pronounced edge on Crosby from to in Corsi Close percentage relative to teammates. His career is in jeopardy. OHL Images There is a clear answer here.

Why Sidney Crosby has a better playoff beard than Brent Burns

Of course, Viktor Tikhonov is the leading scorer in the tournament with in five games, so take these totals with a grain of salt, I guess. In his fifth year, inCrosby racked up points in 81 games for a point-per-game total of 1. Despite the handicap of mediocre talent filling out their line, the Sedins have been remarkably consistent.

And it makes for a goals-per-game average of 0.

Crosby is better than McDavid

The stats and circumstances surrounding the Kings' last Cup run are starting line up a little bit with this postseason. Scarily enough, Karlsson might just be warming up. The question here is, which will have a better career. Apr 03,  · You just watch in the playoffs, where the stakes are high, why Sidney Crosby is better than regular season darling Connor McDavid.

HFBoards - NHL Message Board and Forum for National Hockey League. Home Forums General Hockey Discussion National Hockey League Talk. Sidney Crosby will never be better than Wayne Gretzky because they each played in a different time, against different players using different equipment.

They are not comparable. You cannot rank them. Put Ovechkin on the Penguins the last two years and put Crosby on the Capitals teams that have taken the ice the last two seasons, and then come back and tell me you think “Sid the Kid” is better than “AO.” Simply put, Crosby has been surrounded with a better supporting cast every step of the way.

It will be 10 years this week since Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin debuted in the NHL. The lockout produced the happy accident of two No. 1 overall picks commencing their careers simultaneously and, fair or not, they were destined for constant comparison.

And Sidney Crosby has associated himself at this point with enough immortal moments, such as the scoring the gold medal winning goal at the Olympics, that his place in hockey history is secure. Sidney Crosby is better than Alex Ovechkin because he is a better leader and playmaker.

He also passes more and he has lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to a Stanley cup and Alex Ovechkin has not. Sidney Crosby also has lead the Canadian team to the gold medal in the Olympics and Alex Ovechkin has not lead the Russian team to a gold medal.

Why sidney crosby is better than
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